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About the company

We specialize in carrying out high-altitude work and work in the most inaccessible places where conventional lifting methods are not effective enough or even impossible.

Sakhalin High-Altitude Service Company was established in 2008. By now, has accumulated extensive practical experience and can rightfully be considered a leader in the field of industrial mountaineering in Russia. In working with clients, Sakhalin High–Altitude Service adheres to the concept of "highly qualified personnel – certified equipment - proven equipment suppliers", this allows us to maintain the highest level of quality of services provided.

All work is carried out in accordance with international quality and safety standards. By investing substantial funds in staff training, purchase of new and inspection of current equipment, the company meets modern market requirements.

Our goal

Providing an alternative method of access in the field of work at height.

Our mission

Provision of qualified maintenance services for industrial facilities, in accordance with international standards of safety and quality in the performance of work.

Our customers

Major Russian and foreign operators of oil and gas projects, industrial plants and industrial complexes.

Our employees

This is an inspired team focused on doing safe and high-quality work in a given time frame.

The company’s capabilities and quality of services were appreciated by our regular customers, including the operators of the leading oil and gas industry projects, such as Exxon Neftegas Limited’s Sakhalin-1 project, Sakhalin Energy’s Sakhalin-2 project, Gazprom’s Sakhalin-3 project, Novatek’s Yamal LNG project, and Arctic LNG, as well as their contractors and large construction organizations. Currently, the total number of working man-hours performed at the facilities of the oil and gas industry is more than 450,000. During this time, the company has not had any accidents at work or cases without consequences.

The company’s staff is an experienced and cohesive team of industrial climbers with various technical specialties. To maintain long-term mobilizations, the company has a staff of proven and coordinated personnel with Customers. Each employee has the necessary permits of the Russian and international standards to perform work at height and qualifications in the field of work. All personnel undergo an annual medical examination to work in the Far North. Recertification and verification of knowledge under the program «industrial climber» is carried out on the basis of the National Research University «MGSU» Moscow city. Training and trainings in working specialties are conducted in the leading specialized educational centers of the country (SSC FSUE «Central Research Institute of KM Prometheus», «Scientific and Educational Center «Welding and Control at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Scientific and Educational Center «Quality»). The results of certification, training and medical examinations are recorded in the personal books of specialists and pre-qualified by clients.

The company’s reference point in the field of quality management and safety in the organization of work at height is the international professional association of rope access specialists IRATA Since 2017, company SVS has been the operator/trainer IRATA Association, with the personal number 6028/OT. The company’s staff is trained and certified according to the IRATA standard, in its own training center located in Moscow. The company performs all work at height in accordance with the current requirements of ICOP IRATA and national requirements of POT 782 n, the presence of a supervisor of work (IRATA Lv 3) at the site is a prerequisite. To comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, the work carried out by the company is combined into projects and managed using specialized software PO RAOMS (Rope Access Online Management Systems).

The qualifications and skills of the company’s staff allow access to any remote locations. To perform the work, employees are trained and have the necessary skills in the following specialties:

  • Specialist in mechanical and hydraulic control of bolted connections,
  • Inspector of explosion-proof equipment,
  • Non-destructive testing specialist,
  • Electrician,
  • Specialist in the preparation and application of insulation/photopolymers GRP
  • Specialist in surface preparation and painting,
  • Inspector of paintwork control,
  • Specialist electric and gas welder,
  • Specialist gas cutter,
  • Slinger,
  • IRATA Lv 1-3,
  • Electrical safety group not lower than 3,
  • A competent person to assess PPE from falling from a height.

To carry out work at height and in rope access systems, the company has at its disposal a large amount of diverse mountaineering gear. The main suppliers of personal protective equipment are companies Petzl (France), DBI Sala (USA), CAMP (Italy), undoubtedly being the leading manufacturers in the global height work industry. All equipment undergoes regular inspection and examination by competent individuals trained by the manufacturers. The gear inventory is updated every six months, allowing for the quick replacement of necessary positions and the to complete of a large number of personnel. For the production of specialized work in all types of services, the complete  purchases, stores, services, and verifies the following types of equipment:

  • power tool,
  • mechanical keys and tools,
  • torque wrenches,
  • manual and mechanical painting equipment,
  • Control devices,
  • devices for non-destructive testing,
  • visual measuring control equipment,
  • equipment for insulation work,
  • equipment for electrical work,
  • Inspection equipment,
  • welding equipment.

Hours worked at altitude


Projects completed


Accidents during 15 years of operation


In 2008, a group of like-minded climbers formed an association that turned into a team of specialists ready to provide rope access services at industrial and construction sites.


Certification of all specialists of the company in accordance with the national requirements for industrial rope access. Purchase of professional equipment and equipment in accordance with national and international requirements. Provision of primary services to industrial facilities.


Training of technical specialists with industrial qualifications (Non-destructive testing, painting, insulation). The number of employees is increasing and the types of services are expanding. Carrying out the first work on offshore drilling rigs.


Certification of the company's first specialists according to the IRATA standard. The beginning of the harmonization of the company's management system in accordance with the international IRATA Code of Practice.


The audit was completed and the ISO 9001:2008 certificate was obtained. Certification of all specialists of the company according to the updated requirements of the national standard of rope access. Certification of all the company's specialists in accordance with IRATA requirements.


Updating the company's quality management system to switch to the updated ISO 9001:2015 standard. IRATA Desktop has been audited to obtain Operator membership in the IRATA Association. Successful certification of our own nondestructive testing laboratory.


The company receives the ISO 9001:2015 certificate from the German certification body TUV Thüringen. Was audited by IRATA as a member company of the operator and received an individual IRATA number 6028/O.


The company successfully passed the IRATA audit as a "Trainer" and became the only company in Russia with the status of IRATA Operator & Trainer with the individual number 6028/OT. Our own training center has been opened in Moscow.


The staff is certified according to the API 4G standard for conducting independent inspections of oil and gas drilling rigs.


Expanding the geography of projects. The company received its first order at the Yamal LNG facility.


The company has received the status of a technical partner of Petzl, a world leader in the production and development of equipment for high-altitude work.

Implemented Projects


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