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Corrosion under insulation

A complex of works on the identification of vulnerable areas, control and assessment of corrosion damage and repair of damaged areas.

Inspection of drilling rigs

Inspection of drilling rigs in accordance with the API 4G standard as well as Drops recommendations. Inspection and local repair of external wind protection panels. As a result of the inspection, the Client receives a detailed report with detailed recommendations.

Non-destructive testing

The company has its own certified laboratory for non-destructive testing using the following methods: – Visual and measuring control – Magnetic – Eddy current – Capillary – Ultrasonic

Control of threaded connections

The control of threaded connections at the moment of tightening is carried out with a special dynamometric tool. The company's equipment fleet includes both manual torque wrenches and multipliers, as well as battery-powered torque wrenches with torques up to 4500 Nm.

Surface preparation and painting

Surface preparation by sandblasting or hand tools for local areas. Application of paint and varnish materials in accordance with the customer's procedure and in compliance with standards.

Work in confined spaces and over water

Work in confined spaces with compliance to all necessary safety requirements, gas environment analysis, use of respiratory equipment, and respiratory protection. Development of unique rescue plans for each project.

Rigging works

Development of a lifting operation plan using machinery and specialized lifting equipment. Control and participation in lifting operations.

Electrical installation works

Carrying out work on the installation of cable runs and cables in the most inaccessible places. Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment by specialists with an electrical safety tolerance of at least level 3.

Welding works

Welding works at height in compliance with all norms and standards, as well as quality control by regular non-destructive testing inspectors.

Non-standard high-rise work

Modern industrial production requires regular maintenance. Service teams often face the problem of access to the workplace. The experience of our company will allow us to provide you with a ready-made complex for solving any task. Conducting a risk assessment, detailed development of a work plan, careful selection of personnel and equipment.

Industrial thermal insulation

Installation of all types of thermal insulation by experienced specialists with the qualification of "Insulator". The company provides thermal insulation installation services for both pipelines and vessels and reservoirs.

Maintenance of instrumentation and control equipment

Maintenance and adjustment of gas detection sensors, periodic calibration and repair.

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