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The Sakhalin High-Altitude Service company has a license to carry out educational activities and conducts training courses in the following areas:

  • Certification according to the IRATA standard, of rope access technicians of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels. The training takes place in our own training center in Moscow.

The competence assessment is conducted by an independent examiner from partner foreign training centers.

  • A competent person for a detailed check of the PPE from falling from a height
  • Retraining of competent persons for detailed verification of PPE from falling from a height
  • Instructor for the training of competent persons to check PPE from falling from a height

At the end, an exam is conducted with an independent examiner. In case of successful completion of the exam, learners are given a certificate and certificate of 3 groups in height indicating the possibility of conducting a detailed inspection of the PPE from falling from a height and a certificate from a competent person of Petzl company.

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